Get involved with iRefer

Excellent opportunities to work with the College in key high profile roles, and support our important work nationally and globally to improve efficiency around patient referrals.


iRefer currently has the following opportunities for engagement:


The Editor team works closely with the RCR in-house content team, each Editor curates a section of the guidelines in line with their own specialty.

The Editor drafts proposals for new or updated guideline content and then liaises closely with the expert panels who guide this draft towards consensus and sign-off, the Editor is also our main point of contact for queries and discussion about their sub section.

Our Neuro Editor is just stepping down and we are looking for a new member of the team to replace him.

We estimate that this position requires roughly 2 hours per week engagement on average across the year, and is renumerated (by backfill arrangement or direct payment).

Download to learn more:  iRefer Neuro-radiology Editor


2. Expert Panel Members

We are always seeking expertise in the form of consultant radiologists willing to volunteer their time and knowledge as we review the guidelines.

Currently we are in particular need of G.I (upper and lower), Neuro and Thoracic specialists, although all are welcome.

Engagement takes the form of an online Delphi survey to agree / make recommendations of proposed drafts for guideline content based on the abstracts from the systematic literature search which is provided alongside, the time taken varies but equates to a few hours a month on average.

Panellists are able to claim CPD hours for this work and their input is recognised alongside the guidelines on publication.

Download to learn more: iRefer Expert Panels


We have a number of fellowship opportunities for trainees at level ST3 or above. Both of the below can be used to sign off the audit task within the training portfolio.


i)  Content Fellowship:

To assist with the content review, the post holder will work with the Editor and Expert Panel Lead to identify guidelines requiring review based on top-level surveillance of literature and draft executive summaries for use by expert panellists.

They will be an important part of the team, gaining valuable experience and networking with senior radiologists within their chosen specialty.

Currently, we are looking for Fellowships in the ENT, Cardiovascular, and Interventional specialties.

Download to learn more:  iRefer Content Fellowship


ii)  Guideline Conversion (Technical) Fellowship: 

We are seeking one trainee with an interest in the way that we distribute the guideline content for use within clinical decision support and other technical systems.

This fellowship is around converting the content in a format that can be understood by software by building out the “if/then” statements within it into decision trees, which then will be exported via our content management system.

Any specialty would be relevant to apply, we need someone with an interest in imaging guidelines and understanding of their key role in patient management, who enjoys logical thinking, breaking down pathways into steps, and displaying complex information clearly.

Download to learn more: iRefer Guideline Conversion Fellowship