Urogenital and adrenal

U01 Hypertension in the young adult or in patients unresponsive to medication: suspected renovascular hypertension
U02 Renal failure
U03 Measurement of renal function
U04 Suspected ureteric colic
U05 Renal calculi in absence of acute colic
U06 Renal mass
U07 Urinary tract obstruction: diagnosis and causes
U08 Urinary tract infection in adults
U09 Renal transplant dysfunction
U10 Lower urinary tract symptoms
U11 Scrotal mass or pain
U12 Suspected testicular torsion
U13 Suspected functioning adrenal medullary tumour
U14 Adrenal cortical lesions: Cushing’s syndrome
U15 Adrenal cortical lesions: primary hyperaldosteronism (Conn’s syndrome)
U16 Testicular microlithiasis
U17 Screening of patients with Von Hippel–Lindau disease for renal manifestations
U18 Male infertility
U19 Incidentally detected non-functioning adrenal mass
U20 Microscopic haematuria
U21 Macroscopic haematuria
U22 Asymptomatic men with elevated PSA (A sample abstract of this guideline is available)