Neurological system

N01 Acute stroke
N03 Demyelinating and other white matter disease
N04 Space-occupying lesion
N05 Headache: sudden onset, severe; subarachnoid haemorrhage (A sample abstract of this guideline is available)
N06 Headache: chronic
N07 Pituitary and juxtasellar problems
N08 Posterior fossa signs (lower cranial nerve palsies; signs of cerebellar or brainstem dysfunction)
N09 Hydrocephalus: suspected shunt malfunction
N10 Dementia and memory disorders
N11 First-onset psychosis
N12 Orbital lesions
N13 Acute visual loss and visual field defects
N14 Epilepsy (adult)
N15 Screening for intracranial aneurysm in patients with a strong family history (two or more first-degree relatives) of aneurysmal subarachnoid haemorrhage
N16 Movement disorders/parkinsonism
N17 Suspected cerebral venous sinus thrombosis
N18 Asymptomatic carotid bruit