Musculoskeletal system

M01 Possible atlanto-axial subluxation
M02 Neck pain, brachialgia, degenerative change
M03 Thoracic spine pain without trauma: degenerative disease
M04 Chronic lumbar back pain with no clinical or serological indicators of infection or neoplasia (ie, no red flags)
M05 Acute back pain with potentially serious (red flag) features (A sample abstract of this guideline is available)
M06 Acute back pain without potentially serious features (red flags)
M07 Osteomyelitis
M08 Suspected primary bone tumour
M09 Skeletal metastases from known primary tumour
M10 Soft tissue mass
M11 Bone pain
M12 Myeloma
M13 Metabolic bone disease
M14 Suspected osteomalacia with pain
M15 Suspected osteoporotic collapse
M16 Arthropathy: presentation
M17 Arthropathy: follow-up
M18 Painful shoulder (including impingement syndrome and suspected rotator cuff tear)
M19 Shoulder instability
M20 Sacroiliac pain
M21 Non-traumatic hip pain including suspected avascular necrosis
M22 Knee pain without trauma, locking or restriction of movement
M23 Knee pain with locking
M24 Painful prosthesis
M25 Hallux valgus
M26 Heel pain: suspected plantar fasciitis
M27 Myelopathy: tumours, inflammation, infection, infarction, etc