CA01 Brain and spinal cord tumours: diagnosis
CA02 Brain and spinal cord tumours: staging and planning
CA03 Brain and spinal cord tumours: follow-up
CA04 Cancer of mouth & pharynx: diagnosis
CA05 Cancer of mouth & pharynx: staging
CA06 Parotid cancer: diagnosis
CA07 Parotid cancer: staging
CA08 Cancer of larynx: diagnosis
CA09 Cancer of larynx: staging
CA10 Thyroid cancer: diagnosis
CA11 Thyroid cancer: staging
CA12 Lung cancer: diagnosis
CA13 Lung cancer: staging
CA14 Oesophageal cancer: diagnosis
CA15 Oesophageal cancer: staging
CA16 Stomach cancer: diagnosis
CA17 Stomach cancer: staging
CA18 Primary liver lesion: diagnosis
CA19 Primary liver lesion: staging
CA20 Secondary liver lesion: diagnosis
CA21 Pancreatic cancer: diagnosis
CA22 Pancreatic cancer: staging
CA23 Colon cancer: diagnosis (A sample abstract of this guideline is available)
CA24 Colon cancer: staging
CA25 Colon cancer: follow-up
CA26 Rectal cancer: diagnosis
CA27 Rectal cancer: staging
CA28 Rectal cancer: follow-up and re-staging
CA29 Anal cancer: diagnosis
CA30 Anal cancer: staging
CA31 Anal cancer: follow-up
CA32 Kidney cancer: diagnosis
CA33 Kidney cancer: staging
CA34 Kidney cancer: follow-up
CA35 Bladder cancer: diagnosis
CA36 Bladder cancer: staging
CA37 Prostate cancer: diagnosis
CA38 Prostate cancer: staging
CA39 Testicular cancer: diagnosis
CA40 Testicular cancer: staging
CA41 Testicular cancer: surveillance and follow-up
CA42 Ovarian cancer: diagnosis
CA43 Ovarian cancer: staging
CA44 Ovarian cancer: follow-up
CA45 Cancer of the uterine cervix: diagnosis
CA46 Cancer of the uterine cervix: staging
CA47 Cancer of the uterine cervix: recurrence
CA48 Cancer of the uterine body: diagnosis
CA49 Cancer of the uterine body: staging
CA50 Lymphoma: diagnosis
CA51 Lymphoma: staging
CA52 Lymphoma: response assessment and surveillance
CA53 Musculoskeletal tumours: diagnosis
CA54 Musculoskeletal tumours: staging
CA55 Metastases from unknown primary tumour: diagnosis
CA56 Melanoma: diagnosis
CA57 Melanoma: staging
CA58 Melanoma: follow-up